What Adult Braces Can Do For You?

braces Perth
braces Perth

Did you know that you can get braces at any age?

We are more commonly seeing adults with braces nowadays, compared to a few decades ago. But, what do adult braces entail? How is it different compared to children?

In this article, we explore the topic of adult braces, and what they can do for you. 

Does a patient’s age matter?


Adult orthodontic treatments can take a little longer than in younger patients. As expected, faster results are possible when putting braces on children, as their jaws are still growing and developing. Also, a child’s teeth are still moving, therefore they are easier to shift into the desired place. Adult teeth are set in place, so moving them into a new desired position can take longer. 


Complex cases take longer


No two sets of teeth are identical. Some treatments are easier than others. The minimum time to wear braces can be as little as a few months, to fix a basic problem like a spacing issue.

However, there are a few cases that are far more complex, and may take longer to treat. Adults are often surprised to hear that braces can not only fix one issue,  but can also correct other linked dental problems such as bone and gum loss, abnormal wear of tooth enamel, headaches, jaw pain and tooth decay.


Types to consider: 

  • Clear Aligner Therapy: Now a very common option for both adults and kids. It doesn’t appear that one has any braces on at all (invisible braces), which is the attractive part of this option. Most people know this as “invisalign in Perth”, however “invisalign” is just a brand name. There are other clear aligner companies under different names like ‘spark aligners”. Advancement in the materials used, the computer software and the principles are better understood. This allows very predictable results – not an answer for all cases though – a consultation will clarify any questions.
  • Metal and Clear Braces: High-grade stainless steel and clear ceramic braces are the most durable orthodontic treatment available in Perth. They are more efficient in their tooth movements, therefore providing a quicker movement into the desired position. These braces are also more likely to give the best result in the shortest time possible.
  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are worn on the inside of teeth, and are a popular option for adults as they are very discrete, and avoid the ‘metal mouth’ woes that many of our adult patients worry about. However, it is common for lingual braces to take longer for teeth to reach the desired position and sometimes is very uncomfortable for the tongue..

If you are considering braces or clear aligners, and would like to know how long you can expect treatment to last, why don’t you come into West Coast Dental Care for a consultation, and find out if you are the right candidate for one of our procedures? We will look at your options, and provide you with our honest advice. Book a consultation today. 

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