Our Dentistry Services in Perth


What could the determining factor be, that keeps you from showing off your smile?

If you want to maintain a glowing smile or are debilitated by ongoing toothache or damaged teeth, it’s important to find a reliable Perth dentist who can get you the smile you’ve always wanted. Our team recommend a routine check-up every six months. If it has been longer, then we can still help you regardless. At West Coast Dental Care, we do not pass judgement.

Whether you require a routine teeth clean or are in urgent need of restorative treatment such as fillings or crowns, West Coast Dental Care will look after you with our comprehensive dental service. From general dental services like fillings, cleanings, crowns and bridges; along with more complex procedures like dentures, implants, veneers and wisdom teeth removals, our dentists are well trained and experienced in handling your treatment and ensuring you achieve your lifestyle goals.

We value you as a patient, so we work to give you the best experience paired with long-lasting solutions. Explore the variety of advanced dentistry services we offer, and please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, should you have any further enquiries.

A Perth Dental Clinic that is excellent in Advanced Dentistry

West Coast Dental Care is a general and cosmetic family dental care practice based in Perth. Our dental practice caters to each and every age group, and we understand your family’s unique needs. We believe that a quality dental service is best provided by considering a patient’s holistic needs, providing in-depth dental education, and ensuring you receive thoughtful aftercare.

Our Approach

Every person is unique, and so are their dental needs. This is why we always meet with you for an initial consultation. We advise on how best to treat your mouth’s current needs, and provide preventative advice on best steps forward.

When a patient and dentist work together towards the common goal of maintaining a healthy oral cavity, this can be beneficially long-term, and you can avoid extensive procedures down the road. We value preventive dentistry, as it can increase your chances of keeping your teeth for life and of needing less major dental treatment.