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Paediatric Dentist

Making a trip to the dentist an exciting one for your child

Visiting the dentist from a young age is extremely important. We can detect problems early and can ensure a child’s future oral health is kept at an optimal level. At West Coast Dental Care, we are a family dental clinic and offer dedicated dental care for children.

Holding your child’s hand every step of the way, we act as a guide through even quite complex treatments with minimal discomfort. Having regular check-ups within a child-friendly environment allows your child to feel confident at the dentist and encourages them to get involved in their teeth’s health.

A dental check-up for children consists of looking at:

Which teeth have come through the gums

Any cavities in the teeth

Assessing the development of the jaw

We will then advise you on how to best care for your child’s teeth.

Our other paediatric dental services Perth for kids include:

Comprehensive Consultations and advice


Preventative dental care

Orthodontics/Straightening teeth

Parents in Perth can turn to us to look after their child’s dental needs, with peace of mind knowing that they are well looked after.

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