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Professional teeth whitening Perth

Enhance your beautiful smile with our professional teeth whitening treatment.

The confidence that comes from gleaming pearly whites is indescribable.

We understand that the look of dull, yellow, dark or grey teeth can debilitate your confidence. You deserve to smile freely, and to look and feel your best.

Our professional teeth whitening services are a fast, efficient, and most importantly, a safe way to boost your smile’s brightness and remove common stains. Unlike several over-the-counter products, our treatment focuses on protecting your gums, tooth enamel and oral health while producing exceptional results.

Wondering if a teeth whitening treatment is for you?

Are you feeling self-conscious about your smile? Do you dislike the colour of your teeth? Then our team at West Coast Dental Care can assist you.

Did you know? The passing of time, paired with daily exposure to eating and drinking, can lessen the brightness of your smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment can be just what you need to restore your smile to its former glory.

Do any of the following descriptions feel like you?

You have healthy permanent teeth that you want to revitalise.

You live with stained teeth, including yellowish, brownish or greyish hues.

You have been searching for an easy smile makeover

You have an upcoming event you need your smile to dazzle for.

At West Coast Dental Care, we are here to look after your teeth whitening procedure. We look forward to speaking to you about your cosmetic dentistry goals and getting your teeth whitening underway.

What is the process of teeth whitening?

At West Coast Dental Care, we can whiten your teeth safely and effectively in the comfort of our clinic. Let us help you get the smile you desire.

1. Step one:
Explore the various options of teeth whitening – yes there are various ways that this can be done and different techniques work better in different circumstances. We follow the science and so will definitely not recommend anything that amounts to “gimmickry” – no matter how fancy it may seem or appears in the media, internet or elsewhere. It is all about the efficacy and safety of the treatment.

2. Step two:
Before we commence treatment, we will make sure your teeth and gums are first healthy. (Very important) The teeth are cleaned and prepped to remove any plaque build-up.

3. Step three:
Checking and recording the current shade of your teeth, if there are any fillings in these teeth, and plan how white you want to go.

A few smiles that are sparkling after our in-house teeth whitening treatment.

Many of our patients have experienced our teeth whitening treatment. Are you ready to join them? Book your consultation today.

We give you reasons to smile. This is how we are different.

Our teeth whitening treatment is safe and efficient.

We do not offer empty promises.

Our team is highly trained and qualified.

We take pride in providing ultimate customer service experience.

You will have access to flexible payment options.

A holistic dental practice – we customise our solutions to suit you.

We take pride in providing a comfortable experience.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and we exercise best workplace practices.

Finding your professional teeth whitening treatment.

Once you have received your treatment plan, the next step is organising finances. If you do not have the savings to cover the costs, we have flexible payment plans to give you peace of mind.

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