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Are you unhappy with your smile?

Maybe you are looking for subtle improvements to make your smile have that extra glow?

Regardless, the team at West Coast Dental Care have got you covered.

People from all over Perth deserve to get their smile revitalised.

Introducing our smile makeover service.

Every individual in Perth is worthy of a ‘Colgate’ smile. Whether you are looking to revitalise your teeth, have problems with your teeth’s functionality or want to replace broken dental work, you deserve a better-than-new smile.

Many patients across Perth contact our dental practice because they have lost their sense of confidence in their teeth. They feel embarrassed or self-conscious even to smile. This is something we take pride in alleviating for our Perth patients.

A smile makeover is an ideal solution in empowering you with the confidence you so rightfully deserve. Thanks to modern dental treatment technology, modern dentistry can help restore your teeth’s health and function. This confidence is the “elixir of life” and facilitates a drastic sweetening of one’s business and personal aura. Our Perth dentists, each who specialise in their own specific field at West Coast Dental Care can provide various treatments to give you an amazingly beautiful and natural looking smile makeover. We believe that there is no one person that knows everything about everything. Our dentists are an incredible group that regularly put all their years of experience and wealth of knowledge to diagnose, discuss and comprehensively establish a treatment plan, in a team approach, that would best suit your unique situation. With our years of combined experience at the highest level of advanced dentistry and our commitment to making you smile ear-to-ear, you are genuinely in the best of hands.

A smile makeover in Perth is never the same for 2 people. It varies from a more simplistic comprehensive scale and clean, teeth whitening treatment, and, even advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures which may, or may not, involve crowns and veneers. A smile makeover can be genuinely life-changing to the person receiving it.

A smile makeover can take a few easy steps

Initial consultation

Thank you for getting in touch! Through this initial consult, we will explore what your concerns are. We will also have a chance to get to know what you are looking or hoping for, discuss your possible options in detail and provide you with ballpark costs.

Case Work-up and Smile Design

This phase is where we will be comprehensively assessing your smile with the use of a detailed photographic survey and models of your mouth. We use this survey to assess the relationship of the length of teeth vs the width, how they inter-relate with the surrounding lip architecture and the facial structures to create the most harmonious and aesthetic result – we can therefore start formulating a plan, which can then be visualised as a “Digital Smile Design”. This smile design service in Perth allows you to assess an initial draft proposal, before anything happens in your mouth – that means you will have the control to only proceed once you are happy with what the end result will be. This is the first step to set you on the path towards a smile transformation.


This phase allows us to temporarily transpose your digital smile design analysis into your mouth so that you are able to see, feel and speak with the mock-up of your proposed new smile. We will video and photograph this phase so that you have the record to show anyone else that may be helping you make a decision. We are establishing the end goal – fantastic to know what you will be getting before you embark on any treatment. This inspires a lot of confidence and makes the process so much more pleasurable for all who have gone through it – it just takes the worry that you may not like the result out of the equation.


Once you are happy with your tailored treatment plan, have arranged finances and would like to go ahead with treatment, our team will get you ready for us to set the plan in motion. Based on the finer details of your plan, we will ensure everything runs smoothly and within set timeframes as much as possible. It is our priority to ensure you are smiling ear-to-ear with the result.


Now that you have a transformed smile, our work doesn’t stop here. We regularly check-in on you and schedule in routine check-ups and hygiene appointments. Let us ensure your smile lasts!

We give you reasons to smile. What makes us different?

Our team is highly trained, qualified and experienced

We get amazing results in even the very complex and difficult cases

We take pride in providing ultimate customer service experience

Our focus is your happiness – we always will go the “extra mile”

You will have access to flexible payment options, so a smile makeover can be achieved without the stress

A holistic dental practice – we customise our solutions to suit you

We take pride in providing a comfortable experience

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and we exercise best workplace practices

Funding your smile makeover

Once you have received your treatment plan, the next step is organising finances. If you do not have the savings to cover the costs, we have flexible payment plans to give you peace of mind.

Are you ready to revitalise your smile to its former glory?

Every person in Perth deserves to have a smile worthy of showing off. Feel more confident in your business and personal life. March through your day with the utmost confidence, knowing that your smile is better than new. Are you ready? Book a consultation with us, and let us get your smile makeover in Perth underway.

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