Ways to Get Your Children Ready for Their Dental Appointment in Perth

Going to the dentist can be a scary task for many people, especially children. The thought of having a stranger putting tools in your mouth is unsettling, to say the least. You may be struggling to get your children on board with going to the dentist. They may have developed a fear and discomfort, but there are ways you can get your child ready for their dental appointment.

At West Coast Dental Care , we provide dentistry for kids  and have devised our advice on this topic!

Schedule first check-up as early as possible

The best option is to start the routine of going to the dentist as early as possible. This gives children time to warm up to their Perth dentist and understand that this is a part of everyday life that can be fun. Through regular check-ups with a well-trusted dentist, they will no longer see the dentist as a burden but as someone helping them make sure their teeth are in the healthiest state possible. As Perth dentists, we recommend that you book in your child for an examination at two and half years old. Thereafter, dentist check-ups should become regular.

Be open about it.

To prepare your child for their first dentist appointment:

  1. Explain that the dentist will want to count their teeth – and keep it as simple as that.
  2. Never say, “Don’t worry…it will be OK” – you are trying to comfort them but, interestingly, you have introduced fear to them where they may not have been fearful at all. The kid is probably thinking, “I wasn’t worried, but from what you are saying, should I be worried?”

A great way to educate your children is through picture books, videos and songs. Think about the shows your child enjoys watching. Their favourite character likely has an episode of going to the dentist. This is a great way to teach children about the importance of oral hygiene and makes them feel more at ease on their first visit.

Choose your Perth dentist carefully.

Do your research. Ensure that you find a dentist who is good with kids—someone who is patient and gentle. The worst thing for a child is to experience a dental appointment with someone who is not gentle or approachable. It is essential that they feel welcomed and comforted by their dentist during your child’s first check-up. This will make the process go smoothly.

At West Coast Dental Care, our dentists are passionate about the health of our clients, especially children’s oral health. We must take away the stereotypical fear of going to the dentist and make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions or would simply like to talk feel free to contact us.

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