Orthodontics FAQS

In this article, we are exploring a few common FAQs we see in our practice to hopefully help future patients.


Firstly, what is orthodontics?


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is focussed on correcting the alignment of the teeth.


How long does orthodontic treatment take?


This is very dependent on your specific set of teeth and your current jaw structure. It is also dependent on the type of treatment you require. Some of our patients may only need six months of treatment, however the average we see is 1-2 years. The best way to move forward, however, is to come in for a consultation.


Does orthodontic treatment hurt?


No, an orthodontic treatment delivered by West Coast Dental Care doesn’t hurt. However, at various stages throughout your treatment you may experience some discomfort. This is usually around the time you have your braces tightened or you receive your next set of aligners.


Can children benefit from orthodontics?


Yes. In fact, we recommend getting your children onboard sooner rather than later. The earlier your child meets with an orthodontist, the sooner they can identify potential problems and plan for treatment. Australian oral health guidelines recommend every child has an orthodontic assessment between the ages of 7 and 11 while their teeth and jaws are still developing.


Do I still have to visit my dentist while receiving treatment?


Of course. Our team recommends that you continue to see your general dentist for regular check-ups, as usual, while receiving your orthodontic treatment. It is important to note that orthodontics is only one branch of dentistry and does not replace the healthcare service you receive from general dentist appointments. Through your routine general check-up, we will help to ensure your teeth remain clean and healthy throughout treatment.


Can I clean my teeth while wearing braces?


Yes, and it is imperative that you do so. If your teeth are not kept in optimum condition this can affect your treatment. Ask us about hygiene during orthodontic treatment when you get in touch.


I find braces embarrassing, do I have another option?


These days, living with metal mouth woes is not the only option you have to consider for treatment. In fact, a highly popular treatment option is Invisalign or other clear aligner therapy. This is a virtually invisible set of clear aligners that will help move your teeth into position. Our practice so happens to provide Invisalign as a treatment option, so if you are interested in this, we recommend you book in for a consultation right away.

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