My Child Needs Dental X-ray, Are They Safe?

dental x-ray
dental x-ray

First things first, a dental x-ray is a safe procedure, even for our youngest family members.

Granted, while dental x-rays do involve some level of radiation, the radiation dosages are very low and safe. In fact, the levels are equivalent to being exposed to a two hour flight on a plane.

What this means is that dental x-rays are safe even for pregnant women – if your dentist requests you to have one. People don’t often realise that radiation is everywhere around us. Whether it is within a brick house, or being closer to the sun during a plane ride – we are all exposed to radiation.

Nowadays, time and technology has advanced the x-ray experience. So much so, that the level of radiation is  reduced during dental x-rays. These include the following:

  • Lower X-ray dose — We actively work to limit the dose of radiation that is emitted from the x-ray machine.  This can be done by limiting the size of the cone beam on the machine to less than 7 centimetres in diameter.
  • Improved film — The speed of films and sensors used for dental x-rays has significantly improved in modern times.Dentists who use the fastest speed film (F-Speed) are able to limit the amount of radiation needed to obtain a clear x-ray picture. This paired with lower x-ray radiation minimalises concerns of patients.
  • Digital radiography — Today, patients can also use digital x-rays. This process reduces radiation by as much as 80%. At West Coast Dental Care, we use digital x-rays for that additional peace of mind for our patients. This makes treatment and diagnosis more efficient and comfortable for our patients.
  • Regulatory requirements — All dental practices in Perth, and in Australia are governed by strong regulations, and  require licences and routine maintenance checks. This also pertains to dental x-ray machines. We have to do it regularly to ensure they are safe and accurate for our patients.
  • Lead Aprons — Nowadays with modern technology and low dosages, the lead aprons offer more of a peace of mind than any statistically significant protection.
  • Limit the use of X-rays — As a patient-centric Perth dental clinic, we limit the amount of dental x-rays we take on. We strongly believe that this is necessary to help make an accurate dental assessment or diagnosis. Limiting our daily dental x-rays are especially important when you come in with a chipped tooth or toothache. We need to make space for patients who need us to look underneath the tooth structure and bone.

Are you looking for a caring, gentle and experienced Perth dentist who will look after you and your family? Then welcome to West Coast Dental Care. We look forward to helping you through a consultation. Be sure to ask us about our paediatric dental services in Perth

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