5 Ways To Prevent Cavitites In Children

A kid’s kryptonite is the sweet stuff!

However, tooth decay can happen when sugary and starchy foods are left on the teeth, and that can lead to cavities. The combination of bacteria, food, acid, and saliva form a substance called plaque that sticks to the teeth. Over time, the acids made by the bacteria eat away at the tooth enamel. Tooth decay not only affects our health, but it can also be very painful.
So, to avoid your kids having serious dental implications down the road, it is good to instill a dental routine in their lives early!
There are a few easy things you can do to help keep cavities away for your little family members. Today we are parting with 5 tips we recommend:

#1 Brush their teeth twice a day

The old adage rings true, even for your youngest family members. Instil the idea in your children to brush their teeth at least twice per day, using toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is crucial to remove plaque and harmful bacteria, and in order to do so, you should brush for at least two minutes. Make it an occasion to get excited about, some parents opt to sing a song!

#2 Flossing is important

In order to receive that gloss, we recommend you don’t skip out on the floss! Your kids may take a moment to accept this routine, but their older versions of themselves will be thanking you! Cavities like to hide in-between their teeth, and sometimes flossing is the only way to reach the food particles that get stuck. Rule of thumb: get your little ones to floss at least once a day!

#3 Choose wise food choices – nutritiously balanced meals are the best

A child’s mouth is the gateway into their body. This is why we recommend letting nutritious foods enter their precious gateways, that include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Sourcing food that is high in vitamins and minerals is important for your child’s dental health!

Remember – what our children eat, or don’t eat, dictates how their teeth will develop.

#4 Heard of Xylitol? Choose products that have it

This natural sweetener derived from the fibrous aspects of greens, doesn’t break down like sugar and can help maintain a neutral pH level in a child’s mouth. The teeth are protected from tooth decay as it prevents bacteria from clinging onto the teeth. Did you know, bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities are unable to digest xylitol? That’s a win for the kiddies!

#5 See your Perth dentist regularly

This one goes without saying. Making a check-up for your kids a regular part of their year can help find potential problems early and get them used to visiting the dentist. Just like an adult, we recommend kids coming in every 6-months for their check-up. Our team is very experienced with paedatric dentistry, and know exactly how to make sure your child is comfortable (and dare we say, excited!) with the dental chair.

Remember: Tooth decay can be prevented, with the right care and healthy habits!

Our paediatric dentists  are here to help your kids with their dental needs, ensuring we give them the best chance as all-round great oral health. Chat to us today.

Disclaimer: Please note, the contents of this article are not intended to be a substitute for dental advice, and should not be relied upon as such. It is recommended to book a face-to-face consultation with your dental practitioner to provide tailored advice regarding your oral health. Contact us to book your consultation.

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