5 Ways To Deal With Teeth Sensitivity

Don’t you just hate that feeling when you are sipping on cold water, or eating an ice-cream, and you feel a strong surge of sensitivity rushing from your tooth.

Teeth sensitivity is an experience most Australians can relate to.

If you suffer from painful sensations in your teeth from normal activities like eating, drinking, and brushing, then this article was made for you. It is likely you’ve wondered how you can help treat your sensitive teeth to alleviate the discomfort.

At West Coast Dental Care, we have devised 5 ways to minimise your teeth sensitivity woes.

1 Start using toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth

The time in-between dental check-ups can be up to six months unless you Perth dentist requests to see you sooner. Using toothpaste that is specifically designed for tooth sensitivity can be helpful for your sensitivity symptom relief.

2 Choose soft bristle toothbrushes

If you use a toothbrush with stiff bristles, you could be making your tooth sensitivity worse. Stiff bristles can be hard on your enamel, leading to more wear, and eventually, more sensitivity.

3 Choose toothpaste that has either, no grit or very little grit

How do you know how “gritty” your toothpaste is? Easy, just chew it. The less gritty it feels, the better.

4 Speak to your Perth dentist about grinding/clenching

Sometimes sensitive teeth are caused by grinding your teeth through your sleep. If this is a problem for you, then your Perth dentist can custom make you a mouthguard (splint) that you can wear as you sleep. This guard protects against pressure and prevents damage to teeth.

5 Book in your dental check-up and check your gums.

Gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis are all things that can cause tooth sensitivity. Having diseased or receding gums, is when the gum tissue breaks down and moves away from the tooth (“getting long in the tooth”). Parts of the tooth that have no enamel, could become exposed and these are sensitive to either cold or touch. Have your Perth dentist at West Coast Dental Care examine your gums to see if you have gum disease. Then, the appropriate prescriptions will be provided to you in order to cure your gum issues.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, be sure to book a consultation with West Coast Dental Care today. In the meantime, you can also view our services here.

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