5 Signs you are Experiencing Tooth Enamel Loss

Through your interactions, you have grown familiar with the term ‘tooth enamel’. Several people in Perth have spoken about how they have recently ‘experienced tooth enamel loss’, but you don’t know what that is. Let alone how to spot it. After spending hours searching the internet, you are still confused and are unsure if this is you.

Well don’t worry, the team here at West Coast Dental Care has devised a list of 5 telling signs to look out for. If you are experiencing the following signs, it might be time to pay a visit to your PERTH DENTIST.

1 – You are experiencing increased teeth sensitivity

All of a sudden, your teeth feel immensely tender. Does this sound like you? If you are experiencing increased sensitivity of your teeth, this could mean tooth erosion.

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common side effects that people experience due to tooth enamel loss. This is because tooth enamel loss means there is a reduction in the tooth’s protective coating. If you notice that your teeth hurt when you eat very hot or cold foods, when your gums are more exposed to air or when brushing your teeth – we recommend booking an appointment with your Perth dentist right away as this could very well be tooth enamel loss.

2 – You are experiencing increased tooth decay and are noticing tooth fracturing

When the protective surface on your teeth gets worn down, your teeth become increasingly prone to decay. The result of decay? Increased cavities. As your enamel grows weaker, your teeth start to grow more vulnerable as well. In time, this will cause a significant breakdown of your teeth, along with cracking and fracture. If you notice decay, cracks or fracturing – it is time to visit West Coast Dental Care.

3 – You spot several rough edges in and around your teeth

As you brush your teeth at the morning or night, have you noticed that the edges of your teeth are starting to grow decreasingly smooth? This is because, as your tooth enamel wears down, you will feel rough edges where the teeth were once smooth. Eventually, this will lead to chips and cracks.

4 – You have been noticing shiny spots on your teeth or even transparency

This sign will be more visible after prolonged tooth enamel loss. The more your teeth have experienced enamel loss, and the more extended period you have been experiencing this loss – the more your teeth become worn down and thinned down. This gets to the point that your teeth will look nearly transparent.

Your teeth may also lose their natural shine, causing them to look dull. This is a sign that your teeth have lost essential minerals.

5 – Your teeth are starting to become discoloured and are a tinge of yellow

Enamel erosion often results in discolouration or yellowing. This is very unattractive and, what this means is, the enamel has worn so thin you see the underlying, yellow dentin of your teeth.

It is time to book your dental appointment with your Perth dentist.

Whether you believe you are experiencing tooth enamel loss or are exhibiting one of the above signs – it is a safe choice to book your appointment with your Perth dentist. Our team at WEST COAST DENTAL CARE are here to help you. We provide our patients with a sense of relief and will walk them through their dental appointment with the utmost communication and professionalism.

Contact us today and book in your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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