4 Reasons To Have A Bi-annual Dental Check Up

Paying your Perth dentist a visit doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing on the to-do list. By the time that routine comes around, twice a year, more-often-than-not, patients will find a reason to bump it down the priority list.

Avoiding the dental chair can have repercussions, and can cost dearly down the road! In fact, you might not realise, that there is a possibility of landing up in prolonged treatments for deep-rooted problems with a huge bill on your table if you neglect your dental check-ups!
Here are our 4 primary reasons to regularly visit your Perth dentist:

#1) We will catch any plaque, tartar and cavities

Regardless of you brushing your teeth twice a day, and remembering to floss at least once a day, there are regions and spaces in your oral cavity that your toothbrush simply doesn’t reach. Over time, plaque builds up in these areas. Once the build-up solidifies, this turns into tartar.
Initially, we do not acknowledge or realise there is a problem, but your Perth dentist will notice it soon during check-ups. If left unchecked, tartar will erode the tooth or create holes to form cavities. You can avoid all these problems from happening by regularly visiting your dentist in Perth. Professional clean and scales done by a Perth dentist, within the 6-month timeframe, will keep the pain and the damage at bay.

#2) With x-rays, we can identify any under-the-surface issues

When you look at your teeth in the mirror, things may look fine on the surface. However, a lot of dental problems are invisible to the naked eye. Getting your entire oral cavity, including your teeth, jaw and bones x-rayed is vital to sustaining dental health.
Damage to the jawbone, growing tooth-especially wisdom tooth, bone decay, cysts or tumours can be best identified early via x-rays. Bi-annual dental check-ups can save you from unknowingly growing tooth or enamel trauma.

#3) We can monitor your bad habits

Do you have an incredibly addictive sweet tooth? Perhaps you bite your nails? Or, maybe, you haven’t quite kicked your smoking habit to the curb? Many bad habits can cause a great deal of damage to your dental structure. By maintaining a regular check-up routine, our Perth dentists will notice the specific cause of dental decay and destruction, and can warn you on the changes that need to be made in your lifestyle.

#4) We can spot gum disease early

Have you heard of gingivitis? It is a condition that is achieved when plaque, tartar and cavities stay on for too long without any treatment. Once the gums start receding away from the teeth, the tissues that attach the teeth to gums tend to break, resulting in gingivitis. This all can result in loosening of teeth and finally fall out.

If you leave gingivitis untreated, you can land up having several dental appointments, deep cleaning appointments, prescribed medicines and possibly even surgery, depending on the severity of the gingivitis. To avoid this situation, a regular dental check-up is a must.

Ready to commit to a Perth dentist who will make your routine check-up an exciting priority in your calendar? Then get in touch with our Perth team of dentists from West Coast Dental Care today. Enquire about our general dentistry services.

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