4 Instances To Consider A Dental Crown Treatment

Life can come at us pretty fast and, sometimes, this can have a very real impact on our teeth.

Accidents, sporting injuries, wear and tear, decay and even genetics can wreak havoc on our smiles, but thankfully, your practitioners at West Coast Dental Care have an array of restoration options in their armoury.

One such common option for repair is a dental crown – a hollow cap made to look like a tooth, which slips over an existing tooth and is fixed in place to address a range of problems:

Severe tooth decay

This is a common problem addressed by dental crowns.

If one of your teeth contains a large amount of decay, or decay develops in a tooth that already has a filling, a dental crown may be your best option.

Because removal of the decayed tissue is essential. The decay weakens the tooth, and a dental crown will allow that tooth a better future. This procedure also prevents bacteria getting inside the tooth.

Chipped and cracked teeth

Damage to your teeth in the form of chips or cracks doesn’t just look unappealing, it can lead to further damage and potentially expensive problems down the track.

Once the structural integrity of a tooth is compromised, nasty bacteria have a place to enter. In some instances, we recommend that a dental crown be placed over your chipped or cracked tooth to protect it.

Cosmetic makeover

Some of our patients have imperfections that they become self-conscious of, such as badly stained teeth, poor old crowns, or oddly shaped and uneven teeth.

Since teeth-whitening procedures aren’t always effective on some kinds of tooth discolouration, the only way to achieve the desired whitening effect is by replacing a crown on one or more teeth.

Dental crowns can also be an option for patients wanting a perfect smile featuring teeth of a uniform size and shape.

Irregular bite

Some patients have multiple teeth of varying lengths, meaning their bite is thrown off because their opposing teeth don’t meet up properly.

Not only is this inconvenient – causing problems with eating and talking – but it can cause Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction in later life.

Having dental crowns fitted will even out the bite, ensuring the upper and lower arch meet up as they should.

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