What is Orthodontics?IMG_0800

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which involves:

  1. A thorough and proper assessment and evaluation of the current alignment of your teeth & jaws.
  2. Diagnosing the relationship between the sizes of the jaws, the sizes of the teeth, and, how they fit together in both upper and lower jaws. This involves x-rays (front, profile and possibly hand in kids), photos and models of your teeth.
  3. Exploring the various options of treatment to improve/rectify the above. (Normally presented and discussed with you in a dedicated consultation appointment). This includes estimate of length and costs of treatment.
  4. The treatment involves the movement of teeth into the best possible position to allow straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile and a more balanced and stable bite going forwards


Introducing “Specialist Orthodontist” Dr Chris Greeff – BChD (Pret) 1979, BSc (Med Hons) (Sports Science) (UCT) 1984, Dip Odont (Ortho) (Pret) 1991, MChD (Ortho) (Pret) 1996

Dr Paul Gorgolis personally worked with Dr Greeff in London from 1998 until 2005 in a multi-disciplinary dental practice. (A multi-disciplinary practice is one where all the specialist dentists from the various dental specialities work and consult together under one roof to provide a unique depth and breadth of treatment for the patients.)  Dr Greeff has decided to immigrate here and we are privileged to have him, and his expertise, as part of our team.

Dr Chris Greeff’s experience level is detailed below:

  • “Specialist Orthodontist” Registered in Australia
  • Dentist registration in Australia 2014
  • Registered as a “Specialist orthodontist” in the UK since 1998
  • Registered as a “Specialist orthodontist” in South Africa since 1997
  • Registered in New Zealand as a dentist in 1995.
  • Registered in the UK as a dentist in 1981.
  • Registered in South Africa as a dentist in 1979.

He continues to consult as a specialist orthodontist in London UK.

What to Expect? 

In order to get to the proper, correct and detailed diagnosis, Dr Greeff will need further clinical information.  This information is compiled by the use of radiographs, models and photographs.  We normally achieve this over 1 or 2 appointments, depending on your needs at the time. This diagnostic phase€ concludes with the €case discussion appointment€.€“ This is where Dr Greeff will discuss everything with you, including the various options of treatment and the costs of those options.  You will then be in a position to make a decision on what, you feel, you want for your future.

Contact us today or make an appointment. Rest assured, you will be in good hands.