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  • 2/28/2022 4:31:32 PM
Are you aware approximately 92% of all adults globally are currently living with a cavity, and most don’t even know it?

While growing up, we all heard of the term ‘cavity’, and were told to not binge on lollies or else we would risk getting one. But as an adult, do you know what it is, and more importantly, the early signs that you may have one?

In this article, we explore the topic of cavities, and 4 signs for you to be aware of, to get it treated ASAP.

Firstly, how do cavities form?

Cavities, AKA tooth decay, are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop over time into tiny openings or holes. As your tooth enamel softens due to decay from the acids that are created when plaque bacteria break down sugars in your mouth, your tooth is left susceptible to further damage, which is when cavities form. 

Here are 4 not-so-obvious signs you may have a cavity:


  1. Sensitive teeth

Whether mild or severe, are you experience tooth sensitivity? If so, you may have a cavity on your hands. Tooth sensitivity is actually one of the most tell-tale signs that you have tooth sensitivity! This is particularly true if this sensation has popped out of nowhere, and has come about all of a sudden.

  1. Soreness when drinking and eating

When you drink water, juice or munch down on a sandwich, do you feel a sense of discomfort? Sometimes sweet foods or liquids can trigger pain or sensitivity in our mouth. If this applies to you, speak to our dentists in Perth today. We can find out whether this particular issue is cavity related, or is due to another dental concern.

  1. Discolouration

Do you have a tooth or two that are a different shade that your other teeth? Perhaps you have a spot or a stain on a tooth that just won’t go away? An odd colouration of bright white, brown or even black could be a sign that you have a cavity.

  1. Bad breath

When we leave food particles in our mouth, we are allowing bacteria to breed in there. This in turn can cause tooth decay. Do you find that often you have a bad taste in your mouth? Or your friends often comment on you having ‘morning breath’? Then, speak to our team, because chances are – you have a cavity!

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